Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Billy Budd Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Billy Budd - Essay Example As a result, he becomes popular at the main and sub-areas within the ship. Not known to many, this becomes a pivotal point for the problems. Despite Melville presenting an array of ideas about Billy Bud, the paper focuses on his intent to portray Melville as an influenced innocent person. The hindsight shows how Melville tries to guide readers into resolving the paradox. Arguably, Billy is affable, and the striking good look opens his doors for association with different people. He has not traversed the world, but can control the surrounding environment by attracting people with different looks. Based on the novel, he has never confronted evil at twenty-one years of age making him a saint rather than a sinner (Melville 25). The disturbing perception attracts reader’s attention. Nevertheless, in ordinary circumstances, nobody in the real world has failed to confront sin even at ten years. Many people kill small animals, hull abuses or even disregard their parent’s advice to do contrary things. Therefore, this prompts readers on how one remains innocent from a tender age to middle youth positions. It is unimaginable how one can reach the peak of his youthful age without making any wrong. From this perspective, Billy’s background raises many questions; however, this stops with Melville’s details. Apart from the perception that Billy Bud is innocent and has never done anything to affect his life. He also brings on board the good looks as a factor contributing to his problems. As a result of the charming and good look, many people around him like him. In this regards, Melville paints him as a good person who does not cause any problem except for the good looks. Because of the naivety, he believes everybody likes him and always him wish the best. Evidently, this perception remains adamant in a major part of the story where, Melville uses his knowledge to portray the good looks as a virtue (Melville 29). Certainly, the turn of events is imminent when Billy

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