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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Essay - 2361 Words

i) What causes PID and what happens to the body when someone gets it? Pelvic Inï ¬â€šammatory Disease (PID) occurs when an infection of the cervix, or to a lesser extent the vagina progresses into the upper genital tract, PRODIGY (2005). Warell (2003) deï ¬ nes an infection as an invasion of the body by harmful organisms (or pathogens) such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa or viruses. In the case of PID the two most common causes of the initial infection are the bacterium Chlamydia Trachomatis or Neisseria Gonnorhoeae. These two bacteria are most commonly referred to as the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) chlamydia and gonnorhea and are commonly passed through unprotected vaginal intercourse. Both infections present similarly, as†¦show more content†¦Wyatt (2003) also advises that a pregnancy test is needed and if positive, an ectopic pregnancy or other pregnancy complication must be considered. If the ectopic test is negative Ultrasound or endometrial biopsy examined for plasma cells is useful to increases the accuracy of diagnosis. Wh ere symptoms are severe or if initial treatment is unsuccessful a laparoscomy may be considered (Simpson, 2005). Here a rigid viewing instrument called a laparoscope is used to view the inside of the pelvis and the abdomen through small abdominal incisions. The procedure is always performed under a general anasthetic. Among 814 women who underwent laparoscopy because of a clinical diagnosis of PID, 12 per cent had intra-abdominal conditions other than PID: ectopic pregnancy, appendicitis, ruptured ovarian cysts, and endometriosis (Prodigy, 2005). Medications are aimed at eradicating gonorrhea and chlamydia and recommended antibiotics include Oï ¬â€šoxacin, Doxycycline and Metronidazole. Ibuprofen is a reccommended analgesia however the choice of analgesia and which route should be guided by clinicla judgement, Prodigy (2005). iii) Discuss Legal (authorised/permitted by law), Ethical (the philosphy of good/bad, right/wrong determined by our cultural/religious and philosophical beliefs) and Capacity (the power to learn or retain knowledge to understand the facts and signiï ¬ cance of your behaviour) issues surrounding Lizzy’sShow MoreRelatedA Disease of Concern for Females - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease833 Words   |  4 Pagesscheduling regular checkups with the doctor. However, there are several diseases that affect the human female body. Pelvic inflammatory disease is one of many diseases that affect the female reproductive system, and it is a disease women should be concerned with. Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infectious disease that invades the female reproductive organs such as the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Pelvic inflammatory disease also known as PID, is caused by infectious bacteria such as ChlamydiaRead MoreDiverticular Disease: What is the difference between diverticulosis and diverticulitis? 607 Words   |  3 Pageswall of the colon, this is called diverticulosis. The pockets that form are called diverticula; the pockets pick up fecal matter as the body’s waste is propelled through the colon. Diverticulosis and diverticulitis are classified as diverticular disease. The main difference between diverticulosis and diverticulitis is that there is no inflammation, and with the second there is. Approximately 80 percent of the individuals who have been diagnosed with diverticulosis never advance to the more seriousRead More Gonorrhea Essay800 Words   |  4 Pages Approximately 1 million new cases of this disease are reported each year in the United States, and public health experts estimate that an additional million or more gonorrhea infections go unreported each year. Although these numbers seem very large, the disease occurs less frequently now than it did in the early 1980s. The rate of infection among young unmarried people between the ages of 15 and 24, however it remains very high. Study results released in 1988 by the NationalRead MoreChlamydia Essay1359 Words   |  6 PagesChlamydia Research from the center of disease control and prevention consistently shows Chlamydia as one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. There is an estimated 4.5 million people reported each year with Chlamydia (Carol Turkiington and Bonnie Lee Ashby). Chlamydia is contracted from unprotected sex with an infected partner. Diagnosing and treating f Chlamydia is relatively easy with regular checkups to your physician. Chlamydia trachomatis, the sexually transmittedRead MoreSexually Transmitted Diseases: Chlamydia Essay698 Words   |  3 Pages(sexual transmitted disease) chlamydia because it is one of the most common. As stated on Center for Disease Control and Prevention chlamydia is the most common among females, but males can be infected as well. Even the symptoms can go unnoticed, but chlamydia can be cured. Even though it can be cured chlamydia can but cause serious damage to a woman’s reproductive organs. Usually signs for chlamydia go unnoticed, but symptoms usually occur three to four weeks after catching this disease. Women show moreRead MoreChlamydia And Rates Of Diagnosis Essay1312 Words   |  6 PagesChlamydia Disease and Rates of Diagnosis Chlamydia is the most common reported STD in the United States. Adolescent are one of the largest groups diagnosed with chlamydia each year. The literature has shown that females are diagnosed with chlamydia at higher rates than boys. The percentage of females age 15 to 19 rates of reported cases of chlamydia are 2941.0 per 100,000 population and males age 15 to 19 reported cases of chlamydia are 718.3 per 100,000 population (Center for Disease Control andRead MoreChlamydia Trachomatis And Its Effects On The United States Essay1749 Words   |  7 PagesChlamydia trachomatis is a bacterium that is now recognized as the most prevalent and among the most damaging of all sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) seen in the United States today (Thompson, n.d.). There are various factors that place college students at a higher risk of acquiring Chlamydia such as: race, age, gender, and environmental factors. The increase in the number of cases that are being reported is direct reflection o f the success of the free to low cost testing programs that are availableRead MoreChlamydia Trachomatis : The Most Widespread Bacterial Agent Of Std All Over The World1475 Words   |  6 Pagesbacterial agent of STD all over the world. Genital serovars infection results to the complications including infertility as well as pelvic inflammatory disease. It should be noted that the Chlamydia trachomatis comprises the trachoma serovars which are the primary cause of avoidable blindness globally. Studies indicate that Chlamydia pneumoniae results in the airway disease, and it has been found in some situation of atherosclerosis (Barber, 2013). Though there is a good establishment of the pathologicRead MoreUterus and Hysterectomy1195 Words   |  5 Pageshysterectomy to be performed, for this report we will focus on three of the most popular ones, these are: †¢ Uterine Fibroids †¢ Endometriosis †¢ PID- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease This report talks about each of these conditions which can cause hysterectomy to be performed. Uterine Fibroids According to the Book of Diseases by Springfield Publishing, Uterine Fibroids can be described as nodules of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue that develop within the wall of theRead MoreChlamydia Trachomatis : The Common Sexually Transmitted Disease891 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS† Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States. Most people who have chlamydia don’t know that they have it because they have no symptoms at first. According to my understanding, Chlamydia is not as serious as some of the other sexually transmitted diseases since it is curable. Although it’s a curable disease, it could cause major complications both in men and women. In the following essay, we are going to learn ways in which chlamydia is contracted

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