Thursday, February 13, 2020

Women Liberation Is Still a Fiction Research Paper

Women Liberation Is Still a Fiction - Research Paper Example Women are considered more responsible and hence even the domestic front has to be looked after by women of the houses. The paper argues on the fact that women liberation is still a fiction. The indicators which give the impression of women liberation are in fact illusions. Most of the offices in the world today give the statistics of women employees. The figure is encouraging. Ii indicates that so many women have come out from the domestic front and are engaging themselves in the economic activities. In reality, the picture is completely different. It is true that women participate in economic activities but how much they are a part of the economy remains a big question. In most cases, women work as hard as men rather more than men but her contribution is not seen as a worthy one in society. The belief is such that her income is mainly for satisfying unimportant desires and hence do not have an importance that is equal to that of a man. Women today put on bold attire. This is because they are liberated from the clutches of conservatism. Through their dress, they try to show the world that they can express their desires in modern society. Unfortunately, it does not remain so easy for women. A study has proved that men were of the opinion that women should pay attention to the kind of dresses that they wear. They should not put on something which will catch the attention of men because that may cause rape and other sexual offences. (Campbell and Norris, 39). â€Å"Only through eradication of outward ornament can women atone for the vices of their sex†. (Coon, 32). Through this, it can be understood that the existing belief was that female sexuality was a vice and it can only be controlled if women control their appearances. It was expected that the proper norm for women was to put on drab dresses in order to prevent sexual exploitation.  

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