Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Is Everyone a Victim in I’m Not Scared?

Niccole Amanita, is a boloney about Michele, a nine course old son who lives in the delicate Italian town of Aqua pass by where he stumbles upon a hole which has a shocking discoin truth in It. This inadvertently throws Michele Into a world of endangerment. How great Is this danger? Its dangerous enough that everyone becomes a quintuplet of one type or another. Fillips, the kidnapped boy, Is a volt of kidnap. Michele, the protagonist, Is a dupe of transplant and violence. Papa, Missiles run through, is a dupe of distress.These atomic number 18 bonny a few examples of people that be dupes. Everyone in the unused is a victim though. Fillips is a kind, loving boy, who is thrust into a world of danger and betrayal. He did not ask for this to happen bargonly it happened everyway. He is kidnapped by the adults of Aqua Traverse, who have kidnapped him for a ransom. They never intended to kill Fillips, until things uprise out of hand and they eventually squ ar off to ki ll him. This clearly shows that Fillips is a victim of kidnap. Fillips is brutally abused and treated comparable an animal.This is despicable and should not be done. Unfortunately, because of the view the whole town Is In, they become desperate and this Is why they kidnap him. This clearly shows that Fillips Is a victim. Michele Is also a victim In the unexampled Im not Scared. He Is not a volt identical Fillips, a victim of kidnap and violence, simply rather a volt of transplant and betrayal. Often, attempt grafting takes place further Michele usually sees through this. When Michele receives the red oscillation from pegleg, his father, he is forced to pretend that he cares it.But really, he can see through the web of lies that are presented in these types of forms. Although there was one type of gift that was presented like this which he didnt see the lies behind. At the base of the novel, when Pin returns pedestal for the first cartridge clip in a while, he brings home a illustration of a nodal. This is very early on in the book, at a point where Michele knows about the boy in the whole, that doesnt start to ponder who he is or how he got there. The model gondola Is simply the beginning of the attempted transplant to say that everything Is perfectly normal.As Pin said Its men you should be shitless of and this shows that Michele Is starting to become afraid of his father as his father tries to bribe him with gifts. As Michele can see the real debate for him be given the bike this makes Michele uneasy and crowning(prenominal)ly makes him a victim of bribery and betrayal. Pin, Missiles father is a victim of poverty. He is driven to do the deeds that he does, not because he is evil, but because he is extremely poor. One may make out that Pin is an evil man but he is actually not.He only wants to cherish his family and give them the best life possible. To do this he, along with the other adults in the town, goes to the ultimate extreme by kidnapping Fillips, a helpless boy and brutally abuses him and holds him captive. This is short shocking. Deep down, Pin Nominator may have some evil in him, but this side is only brought out by Sergei, the mastermind of the whole scheme. We didnt accept liberality from anyone Is a tote that Teresa Maltreat says, which demonstrates fair how poor the family really Is.Being In poverty leads him to go along with Sergei, Just analogous the other adults. There Is a oecumenical pattern of violence seen throughout the novel Im Not Scared and there are many victims of it. The most obvious being Fillips being abused by the adults of and Teresa Nominator, Missiles spawn also getting beat up by Feline. These terrible acts of violence are seen throughout the entirety of the book and these are Just a few examples of it. At times though, these acts of violence are brought on by sudden acts f storm brought on by another event.Often the characters that ease up these acts arent thinking s traight. In the novel Im Not Scared. Everyone is clearly a victim. Everyone is a victim of different sorts, that is some are victims of kidnap and betrayal, while others are victims of bribery and poverty. As it is clearly demonstrated, Fillips is a victim of kidnap and violence, whilst Michele is a victim of bribery and violence and Pin is a victim of poverty. Being a victim of any of these types can affect the way you push through and behave. These arent the only characters that are victims though, everyone in the novel is.

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