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Project Management Essay Example for Free

Project Management Essay The pursuit for a successful project when a project or service needs to be established that is outside of the normal functional operations, the technique of project management is imperative. The efforts of the three â€Å"C† are communication, cooperation, and coordination that all work together in a profound approach to create a winning coalition with the project team members and senior management. The three â€Å"C† are essentially to providing the means in allowing project management to function in positive environment. The Lockheed Martin Corporation is one of the companies that captures the three â€Å"C† concept that led the organization to being one of the premier leaders in technology – that is why incorporating a project management function within a project management office is essential to staying a leader in the industry. The Lockheed Martin Corporation is an advanced technology company that was found in March 1995 after a merger of two profound technology companies; Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta Corporation. The Lockheed Martin Corporation employs over 120,000 people in the world with concentration in research, design, development, and manufacture as well as integration of advanced technology systems, products and services to clients that are around the world (Lockheedmartin. com, 2008). The Lockheed Martin Corporation prides itself in being a leader with extraordinary talent and creativity to bring new and fresh ideas to the marketplace. The Lockheed Martin Corporation major clientele is the U. S. Department of Defense and the U. S. Federal Government agencies to provide lead systems integrator and information technology. The IT services that Lockheed Martin Corporation provides is one of the finest in the world providing systems integration and training to the U. S. Government. The additional business is providing international government and some commercial sales of products, services and platforms. Therefore, in the pursuit of business interests, the decision establish a project team to explore a new device technology chip that will enhance the speed and calculation of previous system integration will enhance the brand equity of Lockheed Martin Corporation in the market. The goal of project management is to manage and complete the delivery of the client’s deliverable on time and on budget. Therefore, the objective of project management within an organization is the ability to achieve the company’s strategic goals and mission. The project manager initiative is to follow the client’s purpose for the development of the product or service with stated specifications with the PM effectively planning accordingly. The focus on the project management objective allows for a central concentrated effort on the Project Manager to outline the needed tasks- that is outside of the daily organizations functions as business as usual- to creating the specific need for the client domestically and internationally (Wild, Wild, and Han, 2006). The collective consensus of project management within an organization to consider having a Project Management Office (PMO) is a productive step in centralizing the need for better planning. The reason for the project management office is the centralization of the responsibility and authority for the achievement of organizational goal when the assignment doesn’t fall within the confinement of routine work. The understanding of the Project Management Office identification what situation constitutes a project or non-project that will present a temporary nature; the following will apply to reach such a determination: a. The opportunity or market window is usually temporary with some projects having a limited time frame to produce the product or service. . A capability to perform a service, such as business functions supporting production or distribution. c. A product or artifact that is produced is quantifiable and can be an end item in itself or a component item. d. A market demand that requires a need to satisfy in a given period of time. e. A technological advance that ranges from new software upgrades or internal systems. f. Consumer requests to offer a better adaptability to a product. g. Designing a new advanced transportation vehicle for a specific demographic. . The building a new construction that adds a new division or for a client. Therefore, the determination is agreed upon for completing a project outside of the normal operations of the organization, a focused effort must be made for a successfully completion (Armstrong and Kotter, 2007). The objectives of projects and operations are at times very different in keeping the company working towards the same goal, even though, the organization’s objectives for business enterprise is still the core initiative. The project management agenda is a means of organizing activities that is accomplishing through the application (Haritz, 2004). The integration of the application of the project management processes within the organization is required for a managing of the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. The senior management team commitment to quality and delivering excellent products or services are dependent on employees to comply accordingly. Therefore, the importance of project management is crucial to presenting a professional responsibility to its stakeholders including customers, the performing organization, and the public for meeting company’s initiatives. The acquiring of management by project is related to organizational culture that is close to the project management culture described in the pursuit for execution. The following aspect to consider in the positive attributes of using project management in the organization is the benefit for sharing information for effective decision making.

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