Thursday, July 25, 2019

The International Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The International Business - Essay Example The rising tension in the global scenario can be mainly attributed to the rapid changes in the political and economic scenario amidst which organizations operate. Employers have been continuously undertaking reform initiatives and developing strategies directed towards improving employment relations and which brings changes in behaviour and attitude at the workplace and addresses the issues of skill development, work organization and flexibility, compensation, cross cultural management etc (Macdonald, 1997, p.3). The project seeks to make an analysis of the changes in the business environment in which organizations operate and the consequent impact on their employment relationships. In this context, particular emphasis is provided on organizations in the UK. A critical analysis is provided in the project which discusses the views and arguments of researchers and practitioners on the subject. This is supported by presenting the outcome of previous researches and surveys. This is follo wed by a critical discussion of the subject and the data collected for the purpose. Literature Review It is seen that the new approaches adopted in organizations are based on a wide range of HRM and employment relationship practices which are directed towards improving the skills and flexibility of the workforce within the organizational environment which thrives on communication, collaboration, trust and cooperation between managers, workers as well as their representatives. However, the changes have been universally accepted in all organizations. They are predominantly prominent among the industrialized nations of the world. Low growth rates have been the fundamental reason for retarding the progress of technological advancement in Great Britain. It has ill-equipped the nation to adjust to the prevailing economic and political situation. The underutilized and minimally legalized system of regulation coupled with fragmented collective bargaining system, growth of labour organizatio ns, low degrees of centralization, proved to be resistant towards attempts to change the system. Neither the coalition government nor the subsequent state initiatives succeeded in bringing about any structural innovation in the UK organizations (Jacobi, 1986, p.3-9). Significant changes were noticed among the trade unions in the organizations. The export and the modernization oriented growth were accepted willingly by the trade unions. It was believed that it would generate high levels of productivity and performance and this in turn would strengthen the bargaining power of the trade unions. A major emphasis has shifted playing a more protective role by the unions apart from performing their regular functions. Organizations are focussing more on the equitable distribution of social wealth which is reflected through the compensation structures and policies (Jacobi, 1986, p.3-9). This section will present some of the research outcomes conducted by the Labour Force Survey in 2005. The results will bring about the impacts of the economic downturn occurring in 2008 and 2009 compared to the previous years. The economic downturn occurring in 2008/2009 has caused a common problem in mostly all nations, i.e., it

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