Saturday, October 19, 2019

Analysis of an allocated management practitioner article using Essay - 1

Analysis of an allocated management practitioner article using relevant organisational behaviour theory - Essay Example The organizational behaviour of an organization can also be defined as the values which contribute to the creation of an acceptable psychological and social environment within which to work (Chen & Yang, 2012). These values are based on the previous and existing knowledge of the organization that form the philosophies that hold the organization together. However, there may be different conflicting behaviour within an organization, especially the large ones, due to the different characteristics displayed by the various management teams that work in the organization. Organizational behaviour may have both positive and negative effects on the individuals involved and these among others will be discussed in this paper. While the management of an organization plays a major part in the formulation of an organizational behaviour, the employees of such a body also have a role to play in its formulation. According to the article, â€Å"How to improve staff communication† by Rebecca Clake, the organizational behaviour involves the social expectations and standards that determine the values and beliefs, which hold the people working within an organization together. Furthermore, the signs and symbols that an organization is recognized by heavily influence this behaviour and this determines the way the people who work within this organization behave, thus they are the embodiment of the organization’s behaviour. A shared language is very important in the development of an organization’s behaviour because language is the glue that holds the organization together and without a common means of communication within the organization, then the organization would collapse (Khalid, Jusoff, Othman, Ismail & Rahman, 2010). Organizational behaviour is the single most important thing that determines whether and organization will be successful or not. When one considers the article, one will find that there are four major elements of behaviour, which determine the success of an

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