Friday, October 18, 2019

Introduction of tall buildings and urban development. criticised on Dissertation

Introduction of tall buildings and urban development. criticised on the high density and energy issue.understand ecological desi - Dissertation Example By investigating the energy efficiency, health issues and other ecological design component this proposal aims to highlight the rationale of vertical expansion as opposed to horizontal expansion. Highlighting the ecological footprint of buildings from its construction to its maintenance and operation the question remains. Is it really the solution? Solution or not, it is being adopted by countries worldwide, to note in the last decade alone there are more than 602 structures that is more than 200 meters in height. With the urban landscape being changed and the trend is toward the construction of taller mega structures a collective appreciation of its significance to the lives of the common people and the professionals that makes them should be studied and presented. It should be noted that the trend is not confined to one side of the world it is balanced and is existing even in developing countries. For some countries its significance is the ever increasing urbanization of its cities . For some countries it is the first step towards development. ... Urban development has been mostly synonymous with the construction of the tallest building in any locality. It is the most visible indication of how modern a locality is. History background of skyscrapers and urban development The skyscraper and the urban skyline have become the iconic representations of cities around the world (Howeler, 2004). There are about three ways to categorize tall buildings. The first one would be the Architectural Style of the tall building. The second would be the Structural System of the tall building and the Third would be Function of the tall building. The first one is the Architectural Style of the tall building where in it would be taken to consideration the way the tall building was built. These styles are the functional style, the eclectic style, the modern style and the post modern style. The first kind is a functional architecture style, where the building could be used in different ways. An example would be an apartment building. The second would be the Eclectic architecture style. This kind of Architecture style is goes between the lines of functional and traditional designs of architecture. An example of that kind of architecture style is the Barasoain Church that is found in Bulacan, Philippines. The third would be the modern architecture style. The architecture style of the building would be one of the modern times. It has been a popular design of modern buildings to consists of glass mirrors to be the walls instead of concrete. An example would be the IBM Plaza that is located in Chicago, Illinois. The fourth would be the post modern style where in it is between the functional style of a building and a

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