Sunday, October 6, 2019

Opera houset promotion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Opera houset promotion - Assignment Example The paper will also explain the various advantages and disadvantages of designing a computer network by utilizing bus topology (BENNETT & OWEN, 2010). One of the oldest examples of computer networking was compute network system which functioned as part of the United States military’s semi automatic ground environment radar systems. However, in 1969, various institutions such as the Stanford Research institute and the university of California initiated computer connections inform of agency project network that later evolved to form the internet. Various types of computer networks have emerged since then including local area connection, home area connections, wide area connection and personal area connection. Various computer networks have been designed to enable file sharing, enable multiplier users to share a single hardware device as well as to facilitate video conferencing and instant messaging (Wilbur, 2010). The laboratory office complex will be made up of a connection of various end systems and devices such as servers and computers that will be connected with each other to facilitate communication within the organization. Networks carry data within large enterprises, small businesses and homes. Our computer network will cover only a small area. The main office will have several computers and several connected networks with the aim of serving a huge number of people. The network will cover the laboratory office complex with a remote fictional site. The network system will have personal computers, interconnections, switches and routers. Personal computers will serve as the network endpoints with a purpose of receiving and sending data. The interconnections will be made up components that will offer means for data to be moved from one point in the network to another point within the network. Various categories will be placed under computer interconnection

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