Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Feature-length American film with a theatrical release between 1970 - Essay

Feature-length American film with a theatrical release between 1970 - 1999 - Essay Example As he came running out of the house, he dropped a folder and had to bend to the ground to pick up the documents that had fallen out (American Beauty 1). However, I think that the angles of the camera changed after Lester learned to stand up for himself. One particular scene that I found to be interesting was when Lester yells at his wife as they are lying in bed as opposed to the usual muttering that he always does under his breath. Here the camera moves from a high angle shot to a slightly low-angle one while Carolyn is shot in a slightly high angle shot. This I think, was intended to reflect on the audience the fact that Lester was now becoming more confident in himself and that Carolyn’s power over him was essentially decreasing (American Beauty 1). I also think that this was also a way for the director to show the audience that a number of positive things were to occur in Lester’s life. At the end of the film, both Carolyn and Lester are viewed through a mid shot showing how each of them was striving to live his life how he wanted it-I saw this when I watched Carolyn having an affair and Lester turning to smoking m arijuana(American Beauty 1). In another scene showing a basketball game, a long shot is taken from a high angle view and is used to provide an overview of the school gymnasium where Angela and Jane will begin acting as cheerleaders. Thereafter a single-cut of Angela and Jane is quickly followed by a medium shot that is in a straight on-angle and which shows Jane making complaints about her parents (American Beauty 1). This particular shot for me served as an introduction to Angela and essentially enabled me to have a clear image of the role that she will play later on in this scene. A match-cut shows Lester and Carolyn driving to the gym to watch Jane cheerleading. Here the shot changes from a close up to a

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