Thursday, October 17, 2019

Reading report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reading report - Coursework Example As far as the notion of nation includes an aspect of community and cooperation in order to build strong nation with invincible values and social order people should unite for common well-being. I agree with Clinton’s assertion of importance of national service, although his suggestions how to implement the service and inspire people to serve others don’t look like the kind of social education, that would make young people to understand the importance of national service, because it more looks like enforcement to serve. The main principle that young people are supposed to learn by serving their country is that not only a country should support people but people in turn have to give something back by serving the community they live in. If, for instance, to make it easier for young people to hold low-paying public service job, as Clinton suggests, so that they could still pay their student loans, it will not make young people more aware of importance of public service. The y will take it as a necessary obligation. In the meantime the concept of social service includes people’s awareness of them being citizens and the fact that citizenship means shared responsibility and co-existence with other citizens. Thus I believe that the very first thing which must be implemented is a special public service education that would make people aware of the fact that human co-existence stands on such things as compassion and mutual aid. Furthermore, people should realize that helping each other is not only an obligation but it is a joy and also a kind of profit; because if they start doing all the public service that is, as Clinton claims, â€Å"must be done† eventually the quality of their lives will become better because everybody else will start contributing more to common well-being. Thus, I believe that Clinton’s aims are reasonable and probably are supposed to maintain national strength, though his

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