Friday, October 4, 2019

Room division operation managment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Room division operation managment - Assignment Example There has to be a safety policy and safety committee which can give the consultation about health and safety of the organization. The act also stress on free personal protective equipment. But the employees have to make sure that the protective equipments should not be misused. Everybody should take care of self and others responsibly 2. Â   Â   Â  To minimize risk the primary step is to identify all the factors exposed to risk. The room division management has to identify the group of guests or employees who are especially exposed to high risk. Outsiders such as contractor, visitor or just a normal person might also be at risk. That has to be considered as well. Then one has to focus on existing risk control system, even if it is not satisfactory that has to be put into practice. Then evaluation and recording of the probability of an accident occurrence has to be done. Even the worst case should also be taken into account. Stress should be given on situation where the danger is imminent. Then immediately measures and precautions should be taken. Additional risk mitigation controls should be taken in priority. 3. Â   Â   Â  A United Kingdom Act of Parliament, the Data protection act 1998 recognizes the right to privacy as a fundamental right. It is especially applicable in the case of processing personal data. The definition of personal data considers the information that can be used to recognize a living individual. Room division operation rather the hospitality sector itself has the access to a lot of personal data of all the guests. However the freedom of information act 2000 modifies this act. The information about anyone should not be passed to any third party and should be protected from any abuse. Another point is that the website or public information system must not ask for personal data. 4. Â   Â   Â  Maintenance and design is the key tool to increase guest satisfaction. Cleanliness is the first thing that the guests ask from the hotel rooms. The success

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