Sunday, August 4, 2019

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Advertisement Analysis The United States has some of the most intelligent citizens and some of the most advanced technologies and medicine, yet our illiteracy rate has still not diminished. According to a recent government report form The National Institute for Literacy, â€Å"There are many adults with low literacy skills (approximately 44 million) who lack the foundation they need to find and keep decent jobs support their children’s education and participate actively in civic life†. This advertisement was done to inspire people, and perhaps specifically minorities, to read, by using a celebrity influence. This work shows that reading provides new ideas and a greater depth of knowledge, by utilizing deep space and contrast. The artist conveys his or her message by creating a deep and high space. One views this photograph from a very low vantage point, so we are looking up at essentially all of the objects in this work. The lines on the right wall are vertical,and point up to the bright light above. The line from that point travels back due to the other six light in the hallway. The lights hover in space like ideas over our heads. The fashion, in which they take your eye deep into the photograph, is like the path that a story leads us down, or the path of learning that our brain follows. This representation of deep spaceis symbolic of the vastness of information there is to be gained by reading. The artist uses high contrast to emphasize lightness and darkness. The fact that there are definite and distinct light and dark areas attract one to look at it. The highest contrast of value is the lightthat is furthest away. This extremity of white against black is the focal point of the piece, and aids in creating the depth. The contrast between light and dark, are symbolic of the contrast of ignorance and enlightenment. Another way the artist captures the idea of ignorance versus enlightenment is by having Whoopi Goldberg reading in a hallway. One does not generally associate hallways with open space, but because there are a series of doorways that run on the left side of the hall, it is as if it is saying there are multiple regions of information to discover. It represents one thought leading to another. Doorways in the hall eliminate the tension in the room and really help to open it up.

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