Saturday, August 24, 2019

Individual Strategic Business Planning portfolio Essay

Individual Strategic Business Planning portfolio - Essay Example By virtue of the sophisticated technology JetFan Ltd expects to capitalize on the demand for sophistication by the consumers. The amount of money required for the business initiative has been stated as $2.5 million worth equity capital. Moreover by way of ‘intellectual property’ rights the company will be able to avoid any duplication of the impeller technology in the market besides giving it a good brand name. So the Executive Summary portion of the business plan clearly highlights all the aspects relating to fund requirement, project worthiness etc. Overall it can be said that the portion covers all the relevant questions making it an ‘excellent’ one. Business Description The business plan has been stated as ‘commercialization’ of impeller technology in worldwide market by entering into alliances with the leaders in the fan manufacturing market. The product offered by the business has been stated clearly in section â€Å"Creating the JetFan R evolution† where it has been stated that the business plans to offer small-sized, quieter and convenient fans to the consumers. This is an expansionary business opportunity. The reasons for the success of the plan has been outlined in the section â€Å"Why use JetFan and why now†. Here the benefits of adapting to the new technology have been stated as stall-free, miniaturization, less power consumption, reduced noise etc. The pressure differential advantages of JetFan over the conventional axial flow have been presented by way of a chart. The growth forecast for the JetFan market has been anticipated to be 15 percent every year. The section â€Å"Creating the JetFan Revolution† highlights the unique features of the JetFan’s unique impeller design. It has been mentioned how the JetFan scores over traditional plans in terms of higher airflow, improved efficiency, long battery life etc. Besides it has been stated how the JetFan reduces the inventory and tooli ng costs for the manufacturers. So overall in the business plan the details relating to nature of the business, products offered, its unique benefits, future growth prospects, salient product features and the unique business characteristics have been clearly outlined. So overall a good description of the business has been given. Marketing The market size has been conservatively estimated at 350 million small fans. This has been expected to grow by 15% annually. The market trend has also been anticipated to be strong owing to the fast replacement of the desktop computers with portable computers. The business plans to sell its impellers to the manufacturers in various industries. This implies that the business will not supply to the customers directly rather it will function as an intermediary as the plan clearly states that the sale of the impellers will be mainly to the manufacturers. The plan states that the business faces direct competitions from the manufacturers of specialist fa ns like Papst, NMB and Sunon. In the event JetFan decides to manufacture complete units of fans then it is expected to face significant direct competition. These fan manufacturers occupy a sizable portion of the market. However, it has also been stated that if the company sticks to the production of fan impellers instead

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