Thursday, August 8, 2019

Disscusion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Disscusion - Assignment Example What started out as movement concerned with federal government spending, the Tea Party quickly grew into a group totally dissatisfied with the federal government. The hatred and animosity this group shows the federal government is confusing. The federal government is made up of people elected on a state level. Why hate something you helped to create? Another part of the Tea Party I do not understand is Sarah Palin. If she was competent I might understand her appeal. However she writes notes on her hands, misquotes facts, and generally misspeaks. This is not a gender issue. Women like Condoleezza Rice or Hilary Clinton can talk politics and issues every day, but Palin seems to be out of her league. A good politician should be able to hold their own in an open forum. Palin cannot even manage this simple task. I did agree with the vote not to legalize marijuana. Medicinal marijuana is one thing, but legalization is another. Drugs need to be fought in a different manner than legalizing them. I was also pleased with the race for governor in Oklahoma. Mary Fallin versus Jeri Askins made history. Oklahoma had to elect their first woman governor. This is a great step toward progress. Although I do not agree with Fallin’s politics, I am glad that gender does not matter in politics

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