Monday, August 26, 2019

INTERVIEW PROJECT Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

INTERVIEW PROJECT - Assignment Example He came back recently and now runs the store that was previously operated by his father. Peter received his draft when he was 30 years old and still struggling to become a teacher in local schools. Since, this was not producing fruitful results so he decided to go on to serving his nation in that way. He strongly believes that this was Fate and that he was really nervous when he reported at the mentioned area in the draft letter (Peter refuses to give exact names, places and dates) as many able bodied people were assembled there. The first day was a general introduction to everything, most importantly understanding the ideology of going to Iraq. The second day however left everyone in cramps and aching limbs. â€Å"The only thing that let me through was the belief that this is for the greater good.† Says Peter as he had to do an extra mile since he wasn’t that tough. He does not remember his instructors clearly; all he remembers are the tenor of their voices. It was at night in the training centre when the delegated places of the soldiers were announced, Peter was assigned to go to Mosul and there he joined the 71st Cavalry regiment. â€Å"It was November when we landed there, the hot gust of wind and stench welcomed us and I realized that the training was justified for being that tough.† says Peter. ... He was good at spying, so he assisted in planting coups too. And there he experienced being a prisoner. Peter says, â€Å"I was held captive for some hours because a riot broke out between the people of different Iraqi sects and there I showed them my Mississippi spirit.† Peter was sent to combats as his fellow soldiers fell, the fight in the beginning was the toughest because they were being opposed by many as US army was also trying to strike peace-pacts with the over-thrown government. However, when matters grew worse, air raids were called for, which was the most effective one in conquering the enemy. â€Å"Life got a new meaning when I became a soldier; every act was an act of purpose and service.† says Peter. Though they seldom enjoyed because most of the time they were on duty. Apart from that, the food they usually got was below average as all of them were more used to hygienic and healthy food but resources were scarce because of the ongoing battle. The soldier s were provided with food and other essential supplies from the Headquarters but with the enemy at their heels, they had to be extra cautious. Entertainment was scarce but once in a while a fellow soldier used to sing songs of love and nobody mentioned songs of war. Once or twice, Peter tried to keep a diary but it got lost when they were moving from Mosul to Baghdad. â€Å"Never was a very religious person, but the tomb of Jonah was a historical place in Mosul and before I was transferred to Baghdad, I visited there. My stomach tingled with awe at the tomb which was elaborately decorated with enamel colors and what not. Before I could cross all the steps leading to the tomb, a lolling head, dismembered from it body

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