Monday, August 12, 2019

Problem Solving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Problem Solving - Essay Example Because service quality depends on the kind of police officers, appropriate recruitment and selection is inevitable. This paper explores problems in recruitment of police using different problem solving techniques and suggest possible ways of improving the recruitment process. This technique involves disintegrating main problems into sub-problems. When dealing with complicated problems, individuals usually have the tendency to work swiftly at given points and drag in some. Smaller problems are usually easier to tackle because the underlying solution paths are usually few. This problem-solving technique is particularly useful for popular problems. For instance, in the police force, a problem of inefficiency in service delivery can be broken down into lack of diversity and improper selection and recruitment process, which can then be handled effectively in accordance with set sub-goals. This technique is usually common with individuals working in groups. It involves suggesting a wide pool of possible solutions and integrating the suggested solutions until an optimum alternative is obtained. This strategy involves putting many alternative solutions under test until the most appropriate one is obtained. The problem solver tries different possible solutions until the right solution is found. This strategy emphasizes that the problem solver should progress toward his goal. The main feature of this problem-solving technique is that a course leading to goal state. The strategy is however, frail because the right path usually winds about and far from the goal state prior to eventually returning to it. In making a decision to ensure effective recruitment process in the police with central focus on recruiting from different ethnic backgrounds, the main problem is how many recruits should be taken from different ethnic communities to constitute a perfect diverse police force. Including more recruits from minority communities

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