Thursday, August 22, 2019

Ge Imagination Breakthrough Essay Example for Free

Ge Imagination Breakthrough Essay Can he hope to change a company whose growth was driven by acquisitions and productivity improvement into an organic growth company dependent on innovation, entrepreneurship and risk taking particularly in such a large complex performance driven corporation? Answer: 2a: Yes, Immelt is relying on ‘technological leadership, commercial excellence and global expansion’ to provide â€Å"unstoppable† opportunities and expand GE’s business base. He wanted to use GE’s size and diversity as sources of strength and to drive growth by investing in places and in ways that others could not easily follow. As a counter effect of 1st Jan 2005 deadline for emission regulations it was predicted that there would be a spike in demand for old products, leaving little market for EVO in 2005. These old models were in ready inventory and with much better discounts. 3c: Continual redefinition of the global EVO product and the failure to make hybrid commercially viable * Initially GE decided to develop EVO country specific during IB meeting but it was not viable because of low requirements. * Recognizing the international constraints the EVO was also developed as a product concept ‘Global Modular Locomotive’. Design developed around set of standard components that could be building to different requirements. * GML also helped GE in reducing the response time in international tender processing, reducing the amount spent in non recurring engineering, and reducing the time between order amp; the sale. * GE was also adaptable to specific international requirements such as Kazakhstan’s condition to transfer the assembly operations to their country. This was a part of GE’s international strategy â€Å"In country, for country†.

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