Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Bond of Marriage Essay -- Gay Marriages Homosexuals Equality Essay

The Bond of Marriage The argument to allow gay couples to marry has been a debatable topic for many years. The authors, Andrew Sullivan and William Bennett have conflicting beliefs to whether gay marriages should be permissible. Sullivan expresses his opinion of the right gays have to marry in his article â€Å"Let Gays Marry.† Bennett retaliates with his own article opposing gay marriage. His article â€Å"Leave Marriage Alone,† relates his view that same-sex marriage is wrong and unethical. Both authors provide valid information to their opinions. Andrew Sullivan conveys his idea on gay marriage in his article â€Å"Let Gays Marry† published in Newsweek on June 3, 1996, pg 26. Sullivan’s article addresses those who are opposed to homosexual marriage or unsure of their beliefs. He tries to persuade his audience to favor gay marriages. Sullivan believes gay men and lesbians should have the right to marry because they are citizens of the United States. Every citizen is granted the right of equality regardless of their circumstance or sexual preference. Sullivan quotes the Supreme Court and its recent decree when this article was composed and written. â€Å"A state cannot deem a class of persons a stranger to its laws,† (Sullivan, pg 25). The Supreme Court finally recognized the gay community as normal human beings that should not be ostracized by society. They should not have to feel like second-class citizens in their own free country. These reasons lead Sullivan to believe in homosexual marriag e. Every person should be allowed to marry if they are fortunate enough to find their true love. Marriage is a commitment between two people who wish to bind their love in sacred vow. Marriage, explains Sullivan, is â€Å"the ... ...of the human species. Sullivan argues marriage is not only limited to child-rearing. Pat and Shelly Buchanan and Bob and Elizabeth Dole are examples of prominent heterosexual couples who never had children. Sullivan and Bennett’s articles both explain the different opinions of many Americans in the United States. Sullivan shows how the gay community has struggled for their right to allow same-sex marriage. He gives his opinions and examples of why gay marriage should be permitted America. Bennett opposes this type of marriage with his argument of where the special rights for immoral sexual activities would end. He uses his own opinions influenced by religious faith. Sullivan states credible facts regarding human nature and America’s governmental establishment. Both authors present good arguments for their opinions and express their ideas constructively.

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