Wednesday, September 18, 2019

America Under Siege :: essays research papers

America under Siege†¦ One the greatest bastions of freedom and democracy in our world is now under siege by cowardly forces. The terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon is not only an attack against the US, but an attack against the entire Western civilised world. There is nothing more despised and cowardly then a terrorist attack on innocent bystanders, but yet it is still one of the most effective weapons in the world today. It has been used before and will probably be used again, as we see from the attacks in the US. This is the warfare of the new Millennium. No country can be prepared for terrorist attacks and defend against them, especially not for one in such scale as the attack on the US. When seeing the pictures on CNN for the first time, I first believed that this was a hoax, a movie or something like that, but soon the fearful truth hit me ; this was for real! I have read things like this in books and seen them in the movies, but I for one, did not believe that this would happen. In 1996, Tom Clancy wrote a book called â€Å"Executive orders†, where he described a scenario which is not so far from what happened on Tuesday ; a plane crashes into Capitol Hill, killing the entire Congress and the president of the USA. You can say that Clancy almost predicted that something like this would happen, and so did the intelligence community. Already in 1993 a secret Pentagon report called â€Å"Terror2000† described possible terrorist scenarios against American interests, and in fact, several of those scenarios have come true indeed. America under siege. I remember reading Tom Clancy’s number one seller ; â€Å"Executive orders†, and thinking that it would be so cool if I could experience something like that. Well, I did, and the rest of the world did on the 11. of September 2001. And I realised how wrong I was when thinking that something like that would be cool to experience. Tom Clancy starts his book with a poem written by Colleen C. Hitchcock, called â€Å"the Ascension†, and I think that it is very appropriate for this occasion : Ascension And if I go, while you’re still here†¦ Know that I live on, vibrating to a different measure -- behind a thin veil you cannot see through. You will not see me, so you must have faith.

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