Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Deep Green Underwater Kite Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Deep Green Underwater Kite - Essay Example The use of renewable energies is one of the steps taken to reduce the negative impact on environment by reducing the potentials of pollution and its extent. There are other reasons for the rapid advancements in the technological world. The major reason for making these rapid advancements possible and available to the people is the increasing population and its demand. The overwhelming increase in the population leads to demands which are impossible to be met using the old technologies. New ways of production and manufacturing are being utilized to meet the demands of the growing population. Limited energy supply is one of the reasons we need latest technologies. Deep Green Underwater Kite is of the technologies which have recently been launched and are of great help to meet the energy demands of people without risking the environment and natural life. The innovation of Deep Green underwater Kite is associated with a Swedish company Minesto. This unique toy-like device leaps and dives in the ocean water. This toy-like device works with more power and generates as much as 800 times more energy in the water currents than it may generate in the sky. The reason for such power generation process lays in the fact that seawater 800 times denser than the air. The turbine that is attached to the kite, hence, achieves to generate more energy than it can in the air. Minesto names this device as Deep Green and claims that it is capable of generating approximately 500 kilowatts of power also in the smooth and calm sea. This new technology is supposed to boost up the business for tidal power by as much as eighty percent (Harrell 2010). The Deep green underwater Kite is a simply designed 7 ton kite turbine which catches and regenerates power taken from the ocean just like a kite works in the air. The kite-like turbine is aimed at generating approximately 18 terawatt hours of power every year. This amount of energy is ample to meet the energy demands of more or less four millio n UK houses. This technology is more appreciated for its effectively green process and provision of green electricity. The Swedish military and aircraft designing company Saab was originally aiming at producing a wind turbine but the concept changed with the idea of using seawater as it is more powerful and productive for the thought of generating energy. The kite twists to escalate the velocity in the ocean ten-fold. The most important and precious factor to consider here is the cost-effectiveness of the device. The amount of energy it generates compared to the amount spent on each Kilowatt unit it generates gives an idea of its low cost technique. It costs as low as $0.09 cents to $0.20 cents per KWh. Using this technology in today’s financially weak society may help the overly populated societies in gaining access to the demanded quantities of energy. This cost effective device is useful in order to meet the demands and satisfying the energy requirements keeping an environ mentally sound system of generating energy. These kites are, hence, cost effective in terms of design, structure and use. Once installed, they require lesser investment in maintenance of these devices (Kraemer 2009). The Deep Green Underwater Kite is an invention which is equally helpful for those who use it and for those who do not. The

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