Monday, September 23, 2019

What are the challenges in implementing Sustainable Development Essay

What are the challenges in implementing Sustainable Development through a project such as Bristol Green Capital Discuss with reference to your groups experience and how this differs from other groups - Essay Example ainability of the environment, as the resources are getting scarce day-by-day, which has further played a crucial role in propounding the contemporary way of project management initiatives (Whitehead, 2002). From a generalised perspective, it can be argued that sustainable development is a combination of growing concerns related to socio-economic problems and environmental obstacles (Hopwood & et. al., 2005). Sustainable development can be defined as an approach towards human development wherein the resources used meets the human requirements along with maintaining the sustainability of the eco-system within the surrounding (Bulkeley & Betsill, 2013). Accordingly, it is considered that human requirements are to be met in the present day through sustainable development, as stated by Ye & et. al (2005). Emphasising the stated dimensions of sustainable development, this paper aims to discuss the challenges faced in practicing the mentioned notions in projects such as Bristol Green Capital. This particular entity operates as a ‘free membership organisation’. Correspondingly, it aims at developing Bristol a city offering high quality life to its residents maintaining a significantly low carbon emission (Bristol Green Capital Partnership, 2014). Accordingly, to gain an in-depth understanding of the functionalities of this organisation, 5 groups have been taken into consideration for this study, which include Transition Bristol, The Bristol Partnership Team, Low Carbon South West, Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and The Knowle West Area Neighbourhood Development Forum. Following a brief overview of these groups, a critical assessment of the differing views of the selected groups will be performed in this study. Aligning the findings from the assessment, conclusions will be drawn on the challenges faced by the project when focusing on sustainable development of the city. Transition Bristol is a volunteer-led enterprise, acting in support for Bristol Green Capital

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