Friday, September 13, 2019

Gun Control Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 3

Gun Control - Research Paper Example Many other American considered that viewpoint to stand in direct defiance of the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees a citizen’s right to bear arms. However, most Americans support a certain amount of gun control that does not prevent its citizens from gun ownership but can more effectively weed out those most likely to misuse or abuse the right. There are three areas most heavily debated concerning the issue of gun control; the focus being on how gun control influences and effects violent crime statistics, suicide rates, and finally the potential of â€Å"civil wars† or the encouragement of other civil uprisings. Human beings have always committed crimes against each other of one kind or another, were harmful to themselves, and were prone to armed rebellions since the beginnings of society. From wooden spears to sabers and swords, humanity has worked very hard at developing ways to fight and conquer others. The discovery of gun powder and the use of firearms it has only helped to perpetuate those historical traditions. Films like â€Å"Braveheart† and â€Å"Troy† have dramatized how bloody and extreme of the battles fought long before the modern era; the concept of hand guns and semi-automatic weaponry were not even a â€Å"twinkle† in the inventor’s eyes. However, guns may have changed how we fight, but not the reasons that we fought. They were committing acts of robbery and murder long before guns were invented. People who wanted to end their lives and found the means to do so long before guns were invented. People, most certainly, fought wars over civil issues, long before the invention of firearms (Borade 1). For this reason many experts feel that guns do not cause crimes to be committed. However, at the same time a gun gives wrong-doers an advantage over their victims when implemented. Violent crimes are being committed every few

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