Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Racial eqaulity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Racial eqaulity - Essay Example Blacks have been discriminated for a long time in the America history and it is only in the recent past that they have started gaining recognition democratically. Consequently, to ensure survival in such conditions, African American has employed various methods in terms of politics, economics, and cultures. The issue of slavery dominated American politics for a long period and continues to do so today. This paper seeks to discuss racial equality with special consideration to African American. The experience of African American can be traced back from the beginning of slavery.  Firstly, slaves were taken from Africa to America to work on sugar plantations. Slaves were sold to plantation owners where they were forced to work under prevailing conditions of diseases and harsh climate. Moreover, slaves were subjected to these conditions with no pay and food given to them was of poor quality. Additionally the blacks were discriminated in various forms of amenities in America. Usually there were schools for whites and schools for blacks. The quality of education offered in black schools was low as compared to the white schools. In addition, the teachers who were posted to teach the blacks were less qualified. The other significant thing was on the transport sector. The blacks had their own transport system and mixing with the white was regulated. The blacks were also denied the right to vote and various form of presentation in key areas of America’s institutions. In ad dition, churches were discriminatory (Penrice 80-95; Finkelman 395-405). Politics became an important component in America history. Political ideas emerged greatly after the American civil war and revolution. Moreover, voting system depended on the member’s wealth. Additionally, major political changes took place as blacks were allowed to vote and later legislation was passed that gave women right to vote. The blacks were in the forefront during the

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