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Corrections trend Evaluation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Corrections trend Evaluation - Research Paper Example The changes in the correction programs have occurred due to the rising count of the number of prisoners. Moreover, growing concern with regard to the rules as well as the regulations for the safety of public and reducing incarceration cost have resulted in the modification of the correction programs. These changes are majorly made with the intention of reducing inmate population and minimizing cost (Adams, n.d.). The paper intends to discuss the trends of correction programs for the development as well as the improvement of the correction institutions. Moreover, an analysis will be executed with the objective of identifying the issues in relation to prisons and their administrators both in the present and future prospects. Discussion Research Prisoners or offenders are offered with correction programs and are convicted to correction institutions with the aim of minimizing crime rates and changing their criminal behavior and attitude. In the past, prisoners or offenders were observed to be treated in an inhuman manner and they were punished in physical forms which include being tortured and hanged among others. The prisoners were treated as slaves mainly due to inadequate funding or resources availability and development (Hartnett, n.d.). In this respect, with growing number of offenders and inadequate funds, prisons as well as jails were privatized in order to improve the operations and to render enhanced development of correction institutions. The privatization of prisons as well as jails will facilitate in minimizing cost. By the year 2001, in the US, there were around 158 correction facilities owned by private sectors operating in almost 30 states. Privatization of prisons as well as jails was the major trend in the past in order to cope up with the increased demand and operational costs. In this respect, the government has contacted the private sector with the motive of acquiring adequate financial assistance as well as to construct correction facilities at a cheaper rate as compared to public prisons (Austin & Coventry, 2001). Number of Prisoners from 1925 to 2010 Source: (The Sentencing Project, 2012) In the US, offenders or prisoners are observed to be offered with two different sorts of sentences which include treatment and punishment. Treatment implies that society is protected by implementing correction programs with the objective of changing the criminal behavior of offenders through rehabilitation. On the other hand, punishment signifies that society is protected by incarceration of offenders. It has been realized that there are various phases on the basis of which changes are acquired in the correction programs or facilities. The correction programs started with the development of reform movement for the disposition of prisoners to jails in order to minimize and control crime. In 1920, more prisons were developed and various educational and corrective programs were implemented in order to improve the behaviors as well as atti tudes of offenders. In the period between 1930 and 1940, importance was placed to medical model for better treatment of inmates. Moreover, during these periods various therapies including psychodrama and transitional analysis among others had been adopted with the objective of improving the treatment procedures. In 1970s, it was observed that treatment or rehabilitation of prisoners was a failure due to increased crime rate.

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