Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Interview Question and Ans

Tell me about yourself? Ans1) My name is Sakshi Malhotra. I am from Faridabad. I have done my graduation degree in BBA from MD University, Rohtak. I am currently pursuing PGDM degree from IMS college. Apart from the academic interests I am a creative person. Q2) What is your greatest strength? Weakness? Ans2) (i) Strengths: * Good communication skills * Strong will power * Dedicated nature. (ii) Weakness: * I cannot tolerate back biting. I may easily lose temper if I come across dishonest people. Q3) Why did you choose to interview with us?Ans3) I chose to interview with you because the job profile fits ideally with the kind of work experience that I am looking forward to. This is the firm in which I can realize my full potential and gain quality experience in my professional life. Q4) What are your short-term and long term goals? Ans4) (i) Short –Term Career Goals: To work in any of the four competitors –KPMG, E & Y, PWC, DELLOITE (ii) Long Term Goal: Long-Term Goa l of mine is to broaden my experience in different departments and work processes of the industry so that I can become qualified enough to lead a company as the CEO.Q5) Describe a time you had to make a difficult decision? Ans5) The most difficult decision I had to make so far was to choose between a career in Hotel Management and a career in management. With the help of my family I decided to choose a career in management as it will still fulfill my dream of managing and I also get to choose the industry I want to work in. Q6) What do you do when a team member is not pulling his/her weight? Ans6) When a team- member is not pulling his/her weight then I will try to find out the reason for the de motivated behavior of the team member.If a can resolve the issue then I will put my efforts in that direction else if I cannot find the reason then I will try to lead by example by putting extra efforts and involving the team member. Q7) Think about a time you made a mistake. What did you le arn from it? Ans7) The mistake that I made was very trivial and hence not worth mentioning here but the lesson that I learnt was much more important. I learnt that it is always easier and better to admit your mistake and apologize for it. Trying to hide the mistake is just another mistake.

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