Friday, September 27, 2019

Immigration Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Immigration Choice - Essay Example The choice of the Copper Island represents a more calculated risk for the family. Mr. Paneo, being the head of the family, primarily considers the welfare of his wife and his two children by showing preference to less risky alternatives. Instead of waiting for more than a year before the immigration permit to United Territories is processed and granted, the Paneo family is better off sending Mr. Paneo immediately to Copper Islands. It should be noted that aside from the long wait for the immigration permit, the Paneo family lacks the assurance that they will meet the immigration eligibility for United Territories. The members of the Paneo family have strong ties with each other considering their decision to stay together as one family. However, it is also assumed that they are also willing to endure some sacrifices for their utmost benefit. Thus, the Paneo family, with sad but hopeful hearts, will permit their father to immigrate first in the Copper Islands for a year. This will allow Mr. Paneo to find a good job and a house before his family move in. This will also enable him to prepare his family by providing them with essential information like the climate, the culture, the food and things that they need to be cope with.

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