Thursday, September 12, 2019

Google company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Google company - Essay Example The company has attachments to education and libraries as part of their company culture as stated in Guyette, (2007, p. 2). This is a marketing approach implemented to improve the market share. Most of the students are loyal customers of Google and help improve their brand name all over the world. Other contributors to the market share are partnerships and a wide range of advertising done using Ad Words (Guyette, 2007, p. p. 2). Google’s plan is to make more acquisitions internationally to add on the products that people require and, therefore, fill that market gap and to be more competitive with the competitors in an effort of trying to catch up (Guyette, 2007, p. p. 2). Therefore, this paper focuses on the marketing strategies of Google while evaluating its internal and external environments. Introduction Google, the most popular search engine, was founded by two Stanford students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Because of its popularity, it has captured the market attributed t o an industrious and innovative marketing plan team. Innovation is achieved by the many uses that does to its customers who are the revenue earners of any organization as indicated by Fifield (2007, p. 23). The role of every organization is to achieve market success and this achievement is dependent on the customers’ preference. Thereby it is the role of the marketing departments in the organization to win the customers preference. Google has leverage over the other competitors who have led to its competitive advantage in the variety of uses that it grants the customer. The competitive advantage over the other firms instills focus to the marketing program of a firm as stated in Ferrell &Hartline (2011, p. 19). Google’s marketing strategy is evident on the fulfillment of the want s and needs that the customers desire. It has incorporated all the individuals, companies, organizations and any interested parties through segregation of these target groups as a ma rketing program in the market strategy. Through the use of its strengths and opportunities and constant awareness of weakness and threats imposed on it, the marketing strategy can be formulated matching the needs and requirements of the market ventured (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011, p. 19). Google controls 40% of the market and estimates to control 70% of the market in the near future. The control of the market varies according to countries. For Instance, in a country like France; Google takes 71% of the market share. This reduced market share is caused by the competitors in the market. In the US alone, Google controls 67% of the search market. This was achieved in November 2012 but dipped just slightly in December hitting 66.7% of market share (Goodwin, 2012, p. 2). This significant market dominance is a milestone for Google as a company and as a brand name despite all the competition. Goodwin (2012, p. 2) continues to explain the effect of the competitors on the search market. For exa mple, Microsoft, even with the addition of Bing-powered searches, is way far behind Google. The competition between yahoo and Bing in the month of January 2012 significantly led to the rise of Google’s market share (Goodwin, 2012, p. 3). Google faces its competition from other companies that are to the same goal of giving people

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